Last Day of School!

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Well readers, yes, it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been a busy spring with open houses, parties, graduations, etc. It’s the last day of school in our town. From some, it’s the closing of one chapter, and beginning of another. 

Summer is often one of the busy times for home selling and buying as families try to transition between the school years. One of the most frequent questions on the minds of parents is how to determine if the school system is “good”. It’s really subjective, as families have different needs, priorities and values for how to grade a school system.
I cannot tell you which school systems are “the best”, “most challenging”, etc. What I can do though, it cite sources for you to be able to research which areas you deem to be most preferable in your home search.
In each of these cases, these websites are great for anyone! Families, Young professionals, retirees.
This website offers information for real estate, demographics, crime, public school ratings. The website also has a map feature, allowing you to also see how neighboring towns rate as well.
Niche offers a variety of information including school ratings and cost of living. It also offers information for young professional and retirees. Niche has filter feature, allowing you to drill down areas based on your personal preferences. There is also information for colleges and universities as well!
Great Schools is another site, specific to schools within a given district. They offer personal reviews from parents, students and the community that have experience with the school and the school system in general.
In each of these cases, the websites offer information how, and when they obtained their data and the sources. They also provide information regarding the interpretation of the data.
Happy Summer to all.
If you are thinking of buying or selling, give me a call.

When do you know you are buying the right home?

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One of the most frustrating parts of home buying is not knowing if you should keep searching for the “perfect home”. It’s hard to resist wondering the potential of the “next home”. Here’s some tips to help you decide whether or not to continue your search.
1. Features
The home has the majority of what you were looking for. At least those determined to be the highest priority.
2. Condition
The home’s condition doesn’t scare you or your wallet. The projects, issues found during the home inspection, or disclosed in the listing, you ready are “doable”. You have the time and means to be able to tackle them.
3. Price
The price is within the range you were originally looking for, or is something you have determined you are able to handle.
4. Location
The location works for you. Whatever was on your list: entertainment, schools, work, transportation. The location is not going to impact your lifestyle negatively.
5. Size/Floorplan/Style
The style of the home works for you. Your furniture can work with the floor plan. The size and storage are going to work for you.
6. It feels right
Sometimes, after looking at a lot of lemons, you realize that the one out there is the best of what you wanted and was asking for.
Sometimes, it’s not about compromise, but more about finding something that can help you move forward.